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Leather goods and luggage, in the historic center of Cremona, with the best brands of the made ​​in Italy.

Stanga, leather history of Cremona, was founded in 1898 by Pietro Stanga, an expert craftsman who began his career in the hats. The company, led by the family Stanga, has been renewed and expanded over the years with an open mind and at the forefront of the market, attention to details that led to the subsequent restructuring of the shop (the last in 2000) and the opening of store inside the shopping center CremonaPo in 2005. The characteristics of the shops Stanga are elegance, the importance given to the ample exhibition space (450 square meters shop in the old town) and the concept of sale in corners, portions of shop renewed every season where prepoderante a single brand. The organization in spaces where the customer can have a clear and distinct image of the brand and its range of products has become THE marketing concept. Tradition and quality strengthened over the years. THE NEW STORE STANGA - Wednesday July 1, 1970 Monday at 15.30 in the presence of on. Zanibelli and representatives of the business and commercial center, has opened a new shop of the brothers Stanga, in Corso Mazzini 27. After more than a year of work, they raised their shutters to provide a harmonious Cremona, relaxing and comfortable store cappeleria constructed under the supervision of architect Priori and implemented by the Cooperative Cementisti. It a new store to the large customer base of Cremona, but the owners are still the same, those who have inherited from capostipide, Mr. Peter Stanga, the passion of the trade. Many will remember Cremona Mr. Peter, who had his shop headgear under the arcades of Piazza Cavour where now stands the palace Chamber of Commerce. It was the beginning of the century and the trade could not be said to be prosperous. However, Peter Stanga not disarmament even in difficult times of war. Transmitted in the children's love for his craft. The pastor of the Cathedral Bishop. Boccazzi, after having blessed the place, gives a few words of appreciation for the work. It took a lot of building work, have built several hundred cubic meters of soil to eliminate the gap between the Corso Mazzini and Via Pertrusio. In harmony between the old and the new were recovered some pieces "ancient", a portal and a couple of columns that have been grafted in architectural Modern tastefully and intelligently. A merit of this result is not only the lords Stanga but also to SIAN company of Brescia, which has already been done throughout the 'furnishings that engages well in complex architecture. CONTINUES TRADITION - May 14, 1984, Mondo Padano. "I have held in my hat factory in quality of workers in black and for the duration of a year and a half, Mr. Stanga pietro di Cremona and not being able to declare that satisfied with the work of art, being a worker intelligent and moral conduct above reproach. Part of my factory free of any commitment. "These words written by Camillo Bertoglio, industrial Brescia in 1899 sanctioned the end of the apprenticeship of Peter and Stanga the diploma in the field of hats. The Stanga open in 1898 a shop immediately, revealing an activity that Giovanni Lanzi in Piazza Cavour, under the arcades, where now there Chamber of Commerce. At that time, Piazza Cavour was huge street market in which mingled fruttivendol, junk dealers, shoemakers, butchers and more. In 1929 Stanga move shop in Corso Garibaldi in 1938 and settle definitely in Corso Mazzini, where today. The owners, Franco and Mario Stanga, grandchildren of Peter. Although this store has ancient origins. Although been restored, were the traces of the past, especially in the architectural shape of the walls and ceiling. Some parts visibly show their ancient origin, by authorship is not readily ascertainable. Stanga a family of merchants, almost one hundred years on the market Cremona, a tradition that continues over time, from generation to generation. Grandfather peter, the forerunner, has been the tenacity, the will to do better and more, be sure to keep alive Cremona that there more.